Bel nu snel


Expat driving license-Dutch driving license

We have a special package for Expats, did you recently exchange your driving license for a Dutch license ? Then you should consider taking up some fresh up lessons.

At first we will have a look at your current driving skill level and knowledge about driving in the Netherlands. Then we will focus on getting you on the road with safety and confidence.

After you have applied we will guide you through the whole process: theory lesson, practical lesson and booking your theory exam.

The theory course will be given in English, contact us for more information! In order to be admitted to the theory test you will need to provide the following documentation: A legally recognized, valid form of identification (no copies).

The theory examination:-
To obtain a theory certificate you will need to take a 45-minute test.
The exam procedure is as follows:
A CBR instructor will give an explanation of the test. Then the test will begin, it consists of multiple-choice, yes/no and open questions. Every question will display a certain traffic situation on a TV-monitor. The theory test is divided in two parts.
1. Danger-recognition:- You will get 25 questions related to danger-recognition, these questions need to be answered within 8 seconds. This time-limit looks to short, but when you are actually on the road you have much lesser time to respond! Make sure you get at least 13 questions correct.
2. Knowledge questions:- You will get 30 questions about traffic rules and 10 questions about how well you can read a certain traffic situation. Make sure you get at least 35 questions correct.

If you pass you can pick up your result sheet and take it with you. If you fail, you will get a result sheet with the amount of unanswered and incorrect questions per subject.

If you have any questions please contact us.