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Are you having difficulties while trying to get your theory certificate or do you just want to get it asap. Then you have come to the right place, at Olympia we will fully prepare you in 1 day so you can pass your exam in one go.

We guarantee you a 99& passing chance. Do not worry about heavy boring books or cd's. You will be ready for the exam in 1 day, we start at 10:00 AM till 18:00 PM and during this time wil be dedicated to examinal questions, traffic situations and theoretical knowledge.

Price : € 140,- Exam cost and lunch included

From the age of 16 you can take part in the theory exam and this will be valid for 1,5 yrs.

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The theory course will be given in English, contact us for more information!
In order to be admitted to the theory test you will need to provide the following documentation: A legally recognized, valid form of identification (no copies).

The theory examination:

To obtain a theory certificate you will need to take a 45-minute test.

  • A CBR instructor will give an explanation of the test.
  • Then the test will begin, it consists of multiple-choice, yes/no and open questions.
  • Every question will display a certain traffic situation on a TV-monitor.
  • The theory test is divided in two parts.

    1. Danger-recognition:-
    . You will get 25 questions related to danger-recognition, these questions need to be answered within 8 seconds. This time-limit looks to short, but when you are actually on the road you have much lesser time to respond! Make sure you get at least 13 questions correct.
    2. Knowledge questions:-
    You will get 30 questions about traffic rules and 10 questions about how well you can read a certain traffic situation. Make sure you get at least 35 questions correct. U moet van Verkeersregels en Verkeersinzicht 35 vragen of meer goed hebben

  • If you pass you can pick up your result sheet and take it with you. If you fail, you will get a result sheet with the amount of unanswered and incorrect questions per subject.


Register now and get your theory certificate