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Fear of failure

When does it effect your driving test ?

You are always a tad nervous when you have an exam and that is very natural. It could give you an extra boost to perform better, because the adrenaline is pumping you to give it your best. Even when you are extremely nervous, this should not be compared to fear of failure. But when you can not handle the pressure, get a black-out and make mistakes you never made before during your driving lessons then you are suffering from fear of failure.

If you are afraid of failure before the exam because you are nervous, not well prepared or did'nt take up enough lessons then you are not suffering from fear of failure. We at Rijschool Olympiahave certified intructors that will help you get rid of this fear.Er is geen sprake van examenangst als je zenuwachtig bent omdat je te weinig lessen heb gevolgd of slecht bent voorbereidt op het examen.Of dat de examinator niet aardig is. We at Rijschool De Poort are specialized in helping students out of this fear.

During your intake we will help you fill in 2 forms (these forms) invullen,

the driving instructor will have a look at it

and develop a lesson plan that will suit you

You will see that the results will be very positive.

Dont worry, be confident and let us help you contact us now