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Driving lesson

Our cars

At Rijschool De Poort, your first choice in and around Amsterdam, you will step into a Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion. Our cars are approved by CBR for driving lessons, exams and pre-exams.

Lesson plan

Your driving instructor will setup a lesson with you. In the trial lesso or first lesson the instructor will carefully decide on which level you are at the moment. Then the instructor will advice you which package to take, so that we can make a fitting lesson plan which will suit you.

Crash course

Do you want your driving license fast then go for our crash course. Every student is unique so we always start with a trial lesson. During this lesson the instructor will judge your driving skills, danger recognition and how you apply yourself in the traffic. After this lesson the instructor will judge how many lessons you need. In order to setup an effective lesson plan we will need to know your day to day schedule and check potential exam dates. We will then plan 3-4 hours of driving per day, not more because this will effect your concentration. It is important to schedule the lessons in the morning and midday, then you will be part of some busy traffic where there is much more to learn.

Fresh-up lessons

Do you already have a license but want to fresh-up your knowledge and skills then Rijschool Olympia is there for you. You have got a license but havent been on the road for a long time, maybe you are not so confident on the road or you want to improve your application on the road. Thats why we offer you fresh-up lessons, where we carefully listen to your needs and help you out of this situation.

Watch your lesson recording at home

Our cars are equipped with a camera-system which records your lesson till 290 degrees around the car. If necessary we can watch the recording and dicuss a particular traffic situation that occured during the lesson. This also means that we can record the full lesson so that you can watch that recording later on. This does have a lot of advantages, you can see how you reacted in traffic situations and where you made good or bad move. Now you can learn quicker and better and need lesser lessons.! The lesson will only be recorded on your request. The recordings are not saved or shown to third parties.
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