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Goedkope Rijlessen Amsterdam-Rijbewijs

The port to your driving license

My daughter wanted to go for her license so we started looking for a reputed driving school. I promised her that I would finance everything because I could afford it. We compared lots of driving schools and finally we chose for one with above average fees but with a good reputation. My daughter is very happy and is making good progress towards her goal.

Unfortunately and unexpectedly she failed her exam. Then the global credit crunch came along, I lost my job and could not pay the driving lessons for my daughter anymore. I really wanted her to get that driving license but I was unable to find an affordable driving school in or near Amsterdam. Because of the high prices I could only afford a couple of lessons before she applied for an exam again.

After a couple of failed exams we started looking at alternative driving schools but none were good and affordable. Eventually we some driving schools and she picked up a few lesson and finally passed the exam. After looking back I could ony come to the conclusion that I paid far too much for the lessons and was thinking that this should be much cheaper and affordable for common people. This is the reason I started my own driving school, driving lessons should be affordable for everybody. I came across some hourly rates of 45 euros, but who can guarantee a high price with high quality.

We can proudly offer our customers quality lessons for an affordable price. We are easy accessible for everyone, people who are slow starters, have a low budget, or have fear of failure. Quality lessons should be available for all, everyone should be able to get a driving license. Thats why our policy is 'A driving license for everyone'.